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Full screen with F, scrub with arrow keys, pause with space. For music, it can shuffle play the directory. My favorite part of the app?

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PotPlayer is packed with settings to play with: great for those who want to tinker, but potentially eye-opening for newbies. As Lifehacker reader Abhimanyu Ghoshal writes:.

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For some reason those audio tracks cut out all over the place. PotPlayer works without issue. Stupid human tricks, though. Duh me. You have to install the Plex server on your system and set up your media folders if you then want to use the Plex app to play anything. In my case, I have the server running on my NAS box and use various Plex apps to watch movies and listen to music around my house, but you could also just install the Plex server on your primary computer and stream your media from there.

Yes, you can have two media player apps. Lifehacker reader fallenshell seems to agree:. Lifehacker readers also suggested some apps that they love to use only for playing music. They include:. Clementine has a nice dynamic random playlist feature out of the box, and pretty decent media management tools. Has lots of features, and it looks really good too, following design conventions for the platform!

The A. Adam Pash and David Murphy. Both these are great when you want a customized media consumption experience. For instance, it has a thumbnail feature that we really loved.

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This is great while trying to find a specific part of a movie or a long video. Similarly, the quick-access buttons to Picture-in-Picture mode and Settings are also great from a media enthusiast point of view. You will be able to control the basic playback from the mini-screen and access the playlist below. While the screen seems quite small, there are options to create and manage multiple music playlists. And, yes, you can always go back to the full screen and access options like Audio Equalizer. If you want a dedicated music play experience, make sure that you enable the option.

From playback to the UI, almost everything can be customized according to your requirements. In fact, a simple look at the Preferences tab would give you the best idea. As you can see, there are hundreds of options, spread over nine categories. If you go to Control section, there is something really cool.

What are the best video players for Mac OS X?

You can decide how actions like scrolling as well as seeking work. You can also assign specific actions to single and double-clicks you make via your touchpad. We also had a little difficulty in getting ready with online streams. The browser extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox. It packs so many features like Picture-in-Picture and the tool is completely free to use too. From the utility point of view, this seems to be a deal that you would not want to miss. Are you ready to pay for some extra cool features in the media player? In that case, you may want to consider Elmedia Player Pro.

And we believe this powerful software deserves the position in the list. As you can guess from the name, Elmedia Player Pro is the premium version of Elmedia Player, one of those popular software solutions from Eltima Software. It packs almost every feature you would expect from the standard macOS media player, but there is definitely more.

Now, we will move onto explore the different aspects of Elmedia Player Pro that you want to care about. Elmedia Player Pro offers an elegant User Interface for managing video playback. The whole interface is clean and offers enough space for immersive viewing experience. You can decide the type of full-screen experience you want — macOS native or legacy. There is a modern note when we consider the playback screen of Elmedia Player Pro. As you can see, almost all controls are aligned perfectly. It does not matter what you want to do, you can do it from the main screen itself. For instance, if you want to stream the content to your Chromecast or DLNA device, you can do that right away.

Getting started with normal playback is also easy. You can open your media files the traditional way or simply drag and drop the file to the Elmedia Player Pro interface.

Best 4 Media Players for macOS High Sierra Free Download

You can then have one of the most immersive video playback experiences ever. It is also worth noting that Elmedia Player Pro comes with full support for 4K content. On the right side of the window, there are drop-down menus to manage your playlist and access the Elmedia Browser. This one, however, packs a few more features. However, the screen gets smaller and it becomes easy to manage the playlist and individual tracks. As you can see, you can also shuffle and randomize tracks during playback. And, in case you have a Chromecast-based device around your Wi-Fi network, you can stream the tracks to the device too.

It has native volume control as well. Elmedia Player Pro too leaves a few doors open when it comes to the domain of customization.

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You can find a variety of options in the Preferences pane. In fact, some of the options are for the additional features like the media downloader and screen capture. Split into eight sections, the Preferences pane allows you to control almost every aspect of Elmedia Player Pro. By Lewis Painter 13 Jun Instead it will be replaced by three separate apps: TV, Music and Podcasts, each of which will handle their respective media. This will come as a blessed relief to many users who felt the software had become something of a lumbering monster, incorporating far too much into its nervous frame.

But others may lament the loss of a central repository for all their media.

Best VLC Media Player Alternatives for Mac

Well, there's no need to mourn the passing of iTunes, as there are many fine alternatives available for the Mac. In this article we present our selection of the best media players you can use to replace iTunes. Fans of Clementine and Tomahawk , which regularly appeared on our list in the past, will be sad to know that development on both apps seems to have stopped, with the last updates issued back in Both are still available for free on their sites, but any problems you encounter will not be getting any fixes unless the developers return to the projects in the future, which looks highly doubtful.

VLC Media Player has to be one of the most popular third-party media players available for Mac as well as PC, Android, iOS and so on due to its compatibility with a breathtaking number of audio and video files. Chances are that if you've got a movie or album in a scarcely supported format that won't load in QuickTime or in iTunes, it'll work in VLC. Many assume that VLC is a video player; while that is half of what VLC offers, it's also able to stream music, create playlists, boasts Blu-ray support and, for those internet streamers, the ability to play web channel streaming services without ads.

Everybody knows Spotify , but it's worth reiterating that a great alternative to managing an iTunes library, or indeed any music library, is to simply abandon buying music in favour of streaming it. While Apple Music and iTunes go hand in hand, there's another great music streaming option available.

the best media player for mac The best media player for mac
the best media player for mac The best media player for mac
the best media player for mac The best media player for mac
the best media player for mac The best media player for mac
the best media player for mac The best media player for mac
the best media player for mac The best media player for mac

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