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It's also free and open source, which is handy if you're into that sort of thing. It's a compressed lossless file, although it's made by Apple. Thus, you'd want to use this if you use iTunes and iOS as your primary music listening software.

Want to convert FLAC to MP3 on your Mac?

They also work your processor harder to decode, since they're so highly compressed. Generally, I wouldn't recommend using this unless you're very starved for space and have a player that supports it. Lossy format.

They save a ton of space, leaving you with more room for songs on your portable player, and—if they're high enough bitrate—they'll be indistinguishable from the original source. Here are the formats you'll probably run into:. So much so that it's become synonymous with downloaded music. MP3 isn't the most efficient format of them all, but its definitely the most well-supported, making it our first choice for lossy audio. That means that you can have files that take up less space, but with the same sound quality as MP3.

2. Switch Audio File Converter

I've only ever had one device that couldn't play AACs properly, and that was a few years ago, so it's pretty hard to go wrong with AAC either. Its main draw is that it isn't restricted by patents, but that doesn't affect you as a user—in fact, despite its open nature and similar quality, it's much less popular than MP3 and AAC, meaning fewer players are going to support it. As such, we don't really recommend it unless you feel very strongly about open source.

It doesn't really offer any advantages over the other formats, and it's also not as well supported. There's very little reason to rip your CDs into this format.

iTunes tutorial: Convert FLAC to ALAC using iTunes

Click " Add Video " button on the main window to select the flac files you want to convert. Why not download and have a try this totally free FLAC to Apple Lossless Converter, which is specific designed for you to convert Flac file to lossless formats.

Enjoy your music on more devices: Here's how to convert FLAC to MP3

And you may want to import the lossless audio file to your iPad, iPhone or iPod. The free Syncios iOS Transfer would be the best choice for your to transfer videos and music from computer to your iOS device without the complex iTunes. Download Win Version.

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Any Audio Converter. Try for Windows Try for Mac.

Top 6 Free FLAC Converters for Mac in

Step 1. The free audio converter does not expire and includes most common audio file formats. Download the free version here. Normalize audio levels Batch convert thousands of files Typical Audio Converter Applications Convert audio files for your iPod, phone or tablet Compress audio files to save hard drive space Convert to MP3 or M4R for use as a ringtone Convert audio files not supported by other software Extract sound bites from video files or DVDs Open formats not supported by your sound editor Create compressed MP3 files for easy online sharing Convert Between All Key Audio Formats Use one of the best audio file converters on the market for lightning fast, quality conversions.

Convert from:. Convert to:. View All Software. Edit Audio.

Best Free FLAC to MP3 Converter for Mac OS 12222

Download Now More Info. Convert audio files to any format you need Download Now.

Batch Conversion Convert many files at once. Supported Formats All popular audio formats. Normalize Audio Automatically normalize audio.

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Download Now Buy Now. Universal audio converter supports all popular formats Convert or compress sound files in minutes Batch audio converter to convert many files at once Extract audio from any media file including video Download Switch Audio File Converter for Windows.

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