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5 Best free animated presentation software and PowerPoint alternatives

Note that if you want to have the latest updates to your Office apps, I highly recommend purchasing an Office subscription. You get more value for your money in the long run.

Give it a read if you want to know how to make the most of PowerPoint for Mac. When done right, Prezis can look so much cooler than PowerPoints with their non-linear free movement presentation style. However, too much of a good thing can end up negative. When you finally get Internet access, you can save your presentation to the cloud and collaborate with your teammates. Creating presentation slides now just got a whole lot easier.

How to Install PowerPoint Storyboard

You no longer need to worry about how your slides are going to look. With Deckset, you can truly focus on your ideas first. It will automatically layout your slide and if you want to add images or video, you can do this too in just a few seconds! Then you can start making the most of this time-saving presentation software for Mac!

The good news is Impress is compatible with PowerPoint.

2. Digital Office Pro

So, if you do end up presenting on a computer with PowerPoint installed in it, then you can safely open up your Impress slideshow there. Just make sure you save it in the correct Microsoft PowerPoint format. Lastly, another benefit to using LibreOffice is it has a global community of talented developers behind it. The software is updated frequently which is really great for its price tag! Basically, what you do with this app is you upload your media files to it and then rearrange it accordingly, sort of like making a mini-movie.

You can then add some text and subtitles to your slideshow, add a voiceover, or just have your favorite tune play in the background while your slideshow is playing. You can spice up your slideshow by using various themes, filters and effects. Saving your slideshow is a breeze and you can save it into a number of different video formats. One really cool feature of Focusky is the ability to zoom and pan from one part of your presentation to another.

Focusky is actually a bit similar to how Prezi works, so again, if you do decide to use this software, I urge you not to get trigger-happy with using all the animations available at your fingertips. Otherwise, you may induce motion sickness on your audience! Think about it — do you truly value your time? If you say yes, then Slidebean just might be the answer to your presentation woes. The software was designed to make the creation process as simple as possible. You can finally focus on getting your message out into the world and let Slidebean automatically handle the design for you!

With just a few clicks you can change the appearance of your slides. You can insert a variety of elements to spice up your presentation — images, videos, icons, and even charts and graphs. Haiku Deck has been reaping tons of good reviews on the web. Read on for four more of the best tools for bringing your slideshows to life. LibreOffice 's free presentation software, Impress, has an, er, impressive pedigree.

It also has a raft of features and templates at its disposal, but don't make the mistake of thinking it's an exact PowerPoint analog. Certain features of more modern PowerPoint versions aren't included internet broadcast, collaboration, animated diagrams though LibreOffice Impress adds some pretty cool features of its own, like various export formats including SWF, import compatibility with Keynote files, and full support for embedding fonts in your presentations.

Plus, of course, it's completely free open source software. There's another benefit, too: you'll need to do some heavy work to get Office running on anything earlier than Windows 7, but LibreOffice Impress maintains compatibility right back to Windows XP. You might be familiar with its superb photo editor, but Canva also offers an excellent browser-based presentation tool.

Canva is extremely simple to use — just sign up for a free account or log in with your Google or Facebook account , then pick a template to get started. Some designs are exclusive to premium account holders, but there's a huge choice of free options to choose from. Once you've picked a template, you'll be given a choice of page templates so you can make a smart, cohesive presentation.

Animated Templates Pack

Select one, then double-click an element in the editing window to begin customizing it. There are no flashy transitions for animations, but that's no loss; Canva focuses on what's important: presenting information in a way that's attractive and, most importantly, easy to read and interpret.

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Even so, PowerPoint for Mac still lags behind its Windows counterpart—and it also lost a few interesting features that were present in PowerPoint The most obvious change is a nicely redesigned ribbon, which is now nearly identical to the ones in PowerPoint for Windows and PowerPoint Online. If you knew where everything was in PowerPoint , prepare for a bit of relearning. Almost every ribbon control is still there, but many have been moved, renamed, and given new icons.

Animated PowerPoint Templates and backgrounds. Unlimited downloads and royalty free.

The erstwhile Themes tab is now called Design; Tables, Charts, and SmartArt among other features have been subsumed under a new Insert tab, and a number of tabs such as Picture Format and Table Design appear only when the appropriate object type is selected. Each built-in theme has several variants; if you want even more control, choose your own color palette, font, or background. The entire toolbar is gone, with only four vestigial icons for File, Save, Undo, and Repeat next to the Close, Minimize, and Zoom controls.

Although most toolbar icons have been relocated onto one of the ribbon tabs and also have corresponding menu commands , you can no longer create a customized set of icons for your most common tasks. Each pane gets its own tab, and you can tear off any tab to make it a floating palette. I like the way this context-sensitive interface consolidation along with the streamlined ribbon reduces screen clutter.

With one click, you can select a different combination of color palettes, fonts, and background styles for your current theme but with the same overall design ; or you can apply those attributes individually. Although the theme chooser displays no templates basically fill-in-the-blanks presentations, each with its own theme , you can type a keyword in the Search All Templates field at the top to display matching templates, which you can then download with two clicks.

free powerpoint animations for mac Free powerpoint animations for mac
free powerpoint animations for mac Free powerpoint animations for mac
free powerpoint animations for mac Free powerpoint animations for mac
free powerpoint animations for mac Free powerpoint animations for mac
free powerpoint animations for mac Free powerpoint animations for mac
free powerpoint animations for mac Free powerpoint animations for mac
free powerpoint animations for mac Free powerpoint animations for mac

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