How do you depot mac eyeshadows

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And when I say dedicated, I mean, Luttrell spent a whole 20 — I repeat, two-zero — hours making her mega palettes happen. Her reasoning for taking almost a day out of her busy life to do so was she wanted to see all her shadows in one place, save space in her new apartment, and use her palette collection to its fullest potential.

I needed to be able to have it all in front of me, and that required a full depot. Now I can see what I have and can save my brain space for creativity. To embark on her depotting journey, Luttrell gathered up her 17 eye shadow palettes , six empty magnetic palettes from Amazon and Etsy , a couple knives, and an electric screwdriver.

First, she worked on taking all the palettes apart to free the pans.

Depotting Tutorial: How To Depot MAC Single Eyeshadow Using Flat Iron

Two of the knives she used broke, so the screwdriver proved to be the best option. Many palettes often are made of rigid plastic. The hardest, on the other hand, was from Viseart. I had to ask Luttrell if cutting up and depotting any of the palettes pained her. I can't even watch those lipstick smashing videos without feeling a little sad. It made utilizing color theory that much easier, but it was easily the largest one and the one that most needed to be depotted, so I overcame my fear and made it happen.

Next, Luttrell removed the glue from the back of all the pans.

How to Depot Mac Eyeshadows

Surprisingly, translucent powder ended up helping her in this process. The powder sticks to the sticky part, leaving a smooth finish. Start by prising your tweezers or knife into the back edge of the palette.

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Don't start on the very bottom edge of the palette, as that has little attachments underneath that will be hard to push against. I carried on with the tweezers, you need a lot of force to prise between the casing and the back cover, and then once you've got beween those two layers, you need to flip your tweezers up so that you can push along the outer edge of the casing.

How to Depot Mac Eyeshadows - Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog

As you do this, you'll hear all sorts of terrible snapping sounds, though no part of my casing actually broke. Here's what the inside of the palette looks like,. Then you get a lighter and heat the underside of the pans for 20 to 30 seconds.

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  • This will burn the plastic and there will be fumes galore. Push through the back to pop the pan out, as with the single shadows. Somewhere along the line, I managed to cut the top of my thumb, as when I went to pick up a sticky magnet to pop on the back of the pans, I noticed I was bleeding very badly.

    Using A Lighter

    So that called a halt to my depotting madness. I added sticky magnets to the back of the pans and then wrote labels for them too. And there we have a depotted single and quad, with the eyeshadows sat in my new pro palette. Remember to be careful when messing about with these types of activities! Posted by Baby Wizard at Friday, May 02, Labels: 15 , cosmetics , depot , depotting , eyeshadow , flame , heat , lighter , M. C , MAC , magnet , new , palette , pre-made , pro , quad , single , style.

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      How To: Depot Mac Eyeshadows!
      how do you depot mac eyeshadows How do you depot mac eyeshadows
      how do you depot mac eyeshadows How do you depot mac eyeshadows
      how do you depot mac eyeshadows How do you depot mac eyeshadows
      how do you depot mac eyeshadows How do you depot mac eyeshadows
      how do you depot mac eyeshadows How do you depot mac eyeshadows
      how do you depot mac eyeshadows How do you depot mac eyeshadows
      how do you depot mac eyeshadows How do you depot mac eyeshadows
      how do you depot mac eyeshadows How do you depot mac eyeshadows

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