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The mirror link, the download failed twice and now I am locked out. What happened to good ol' FTP sites? The links has been corrected with newer saferoot. Go back and try it again. This page has an out of date copy of the original author's root program. It's being updated almost daily, and this copy is not being updated. I extracted the files to my desktop and ran the install. Once the window opens up and says "plug in your phone and press any key to continue", I press a key the window closes and nothing happens. Any suggestions? It worked but After upgrade to 4. After this procedure, now if I try to login as root from bashX I get a prompt.

If I create a non-root login, then I ca ntype 'su' and get root. Maybe I need to re-install SuperSu. I need to able to change the APN, I will be traveling out of the country? How long does this usually take? The command prompt on my computer has said "Sending files to your device Is this normal? I just needed to update my Samsung USB driver. Hopefully that helps someone else that has a similar issue. Phone is now successfully rooted.

How To Root US Samsung Galaxy S III on Mac

I tried this and a few others. This device is not supported. Cleaning up. Honai of Android on. Buy me a Coffee. Cellular Verizon. December 30, Email This BlogThis! SamsungComposite class SamsungComposite has 1 instance. Failed to unload com. Anyone knows what i have to do to make it work? Worked like a charm this time. Thanks Zedomax!!! Hello, I have this error: Failed to detect compatible download-mode device. I use Lion. I get the same error. If I boot the phone normally and connect to usb, lsusb shows the phone is connected. Heimdall v1. UK Three network samsung s3. I have the same issue.

We have to fix it somehow. I was trying to clean it with some vodka, no results yet. Now I am going to try another cable. A lot of people are having issues while some are not. Hi Mate, Great video and instructions by the way, I am stuck, i ran Heimdall and the phone rebooted but my macbook pro wont detect the android. It did detect it before I ran Heimdall. Am I doing something wrong? I hold down the 3 buttons and it just loads to the Galaxy s3 recovery, not clockwork recovery. Any idea why? Same problem here. Tried installing it twice, but still stuck in Android system recovery.

This is because newer software update overwrites custom recovery but above solution will fix, cheers! Try to use CF-Root v6. With included 6. At least not with an some days ago updated Stock-ROM. When I hit the vol up,home and power buttons together,it gets to the Android system recovery mode. I had problems with this version on a updated Stock ROM.

Try to use 6.

Before you continue...

Just tried 6. After reboot, still going to stock recovery. Maybe I should try flashing recovery and flash? No Windows machine next to you? Maybe some friends? With Odin it works like a charm. Hi there. How exactly do we copy it to internal SD? I am new to all this Samsung and Android stuff. Used to Apple which is far more straight forward I must say. May i know what password is terminal asking for? Could the user password be the OSX firmware password?

Please help. Checking if protocol is initialised… Protocol is not initialised. How do I acquire the Kext hack? I am extremely new to android devices but am trying very hard to make this work. Gd tutorial and easy to understand the steps, hard to find gd tutorial for mac. Really appreciate if you can make a tutorial for flashing back to stock samsung firmware on mac. Keep the gd work coming. I think my recovery screen is different from yours thanks a lot.

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Try re-flashing using Heimdall, then as soon as it finishes, take battery out and boot straight into recovery. Worked like a charm, i only have 1 question left. How to i return to stock no root. For instance with return under warranty? I get the same message as others. Any help? I have used the kext hack. The only difference I can see is on the video you show a gs3pit. I still get. Well we could sit here all day trying to figure out what program is causing it or you can probably get through this faster by trying on another computer. Ive done that many times sometimes that is the fastest way.

Initialising connection… Detecting device… Claiming interface… Error: Claiming interface failed! Yea… I gave up on doing on OSX and boot camped into windows and tried the windows way… Worked like a gem…. I am italian i tried 2 do it but after that the process ends well and i try 2 reboot into!!! Max, thanks for putting this all together. Very good instruction for root with MAC. Thanks to Max. I was going until step 14 successfully. E: signature verification failed Then the installation process stops…so close to end.

Can you help? I am using your method on a PC. Hi Max, you did such a good video manual for rooting and also most of your questions have been answered. Any hint how we can overcome this last hurdle? Please use version 1. Do u know if this will work for sprint SPH-L model? And can u help with any info to rboot this model. Please tell me one thing… there is SuperSU app in my S3 but there are no apps configured how to configure them??

You need to download rooted apps. I got another app which is 4shared downloader, I got some apps from there… Someone told me that now I can have advanced tweaks also in my galaxy S3… is there any app or site for these?? Flashed successfully then got stock recovery instead of clockworkmod several times. Tried on Windows and it worked first time. Thanks Max for the tutorial. I am almost through with my rooting but stuck at step What to do?

I tried re doing it but i am not sure why i am not getting this option. Rebooted it again but still not showing install from sd card. Do you think this might be the reason? I want to flash a ROM but need a backup first.

How to Flash a New ROM to Your Android Phone

SamsungComposite not found for unload request. Am having the same issue kernel Kext com. SamsungACMData not found for unload request. Rooting worked fined on my GS3. OK, so the pit file runs smoothly and the S3 reboots automatically. It worked perfectly, I have not put any rom, I left the samsung. My question is, just leave the update of samsung but when applied has failed. No need to upgrade? You will need to unroot to get the updates. I will post another easier method though for update soon. No will not work but I will post root method soon.

I figured. And boot into Recovery right away. Newer ICS 4. It did not work for me. I started to boot, then I pushed on the buttons. So, I should not allow the device to be even close to normal boot after battery removing? Thanks, Max. Now i see CWM-based Recovery v5. Thx Max! That advice worked great for me!! Thanks Justin. Will this root method work for the verizon version of the gs3? Thanks in advance! Has that been squared away?

Stock Firmware

Best of luck! I installed the recovery and immediately pull the batt as i have the newer software installed. Phone rebooted and the recovery was overwritten. Is there a permanent way to have the CWM recovery in phones having the newer software?? W:Unable to get recovery. No this does not, for Sprint, I suggest you use Windows, heimdall does not support U. So I used Odin3 on my windows to install the ClockWorkmod on my phone. What should I do? Any suggestions?

You are in stock recovery, the newer software version overwrite the stock recovery. So I need to install the clockworkmod on my phone again using Odin3? Thanks so much, your the best! Reboot into CWM Recovery using the buttons and it should work fine. If the description is still relevant? Any ideas? I am unable to find odin in mac? Do i need to do it using a windows pc? The only ptoblem i m facing is that m not getting the clockworkmod recovery as it appears in the video because i had gone for an update earlier.

HI, Max , i was migrate from iphone after using it for 3 years , And have successfully rooted my sgs3 using mac and your instruction above in first attempt.. I have one problem though, I have received an OTA update today, and, after downloading, the device reboots in ClockworkMod giving errors, instead of actually updating itself. So, what I wanted to ask is this sorry for my little experience, this was my first rooting, ever :. The reason I rooted my phone is to have total control of filesystem and install Linux on it so I can add BT mouse, BT keyboard, video out, and transform it into a full computer.

And also there are a many droid apps and scripts I like, that either require root access or a command line. Other than that I am satisfied with stock ROMs for now! This is just my opinion of course.. So, have I understood the process exactly? In my opinion this is still safer, because you flash only the recovery partition, over and over with the same trusted image, you do not flash the main OS with new and different ROMs of untrusted sources every time.

If someone wants to take control of thousands of devices at one time, publishing a hacked ROM, you are safe. If a broken ROM starts circulating on the web, you are safe. And still root. What do I flash inside the recovery partition? Yes it is possible, you need to unroot then take OTA. Yes, if you have custome rom with ato Latest firmware upgread xxlfb.. The only reson i want that in my rooted phone is , i like nnew keyboard and As per my friend noticed it has improved battry lifeto his phone. I have gone through many other vebsite where i could find, The way but that all can. So yes there is a custome rom available which i can download from other website which has method for windows user but how can i install it on rooted phone Using mac?

For windows user , they can easily do it using odin as per my friend told me So dont we have simmilar thing for mac users..?? Sorry about my little knowlodge. Hello Max, I followed the whole process and everything worked great till i had to install the the SU and then noticed that i was still using the 3e recovery mode. I am running the 4.

Please Help!! I typed in the 3 commands to fix the error but i still get the error when flashing … any clue why? Thanks again. Hi, i just rooted my S3 this afternoon. So anyway i carried on to Step Instead it goes to a similar screen with the text in blue. So can you help me? By the way you have to use Heimdall again doing exactly the same steps but check no reboot in option. This guide does not work anymore. Can you update it? Same files, Heimdall 1.

Previously i read a FAQ somewhere and it says that usually we will be able to flash a rooted updated firmware. Question is where do i get it? Hi, it almost worked fine. After heimdall finishes flashing, take the battery out immediately then in, then boot straight into CWM Recovery by holding down Volume Up, Center, and Power also very quickly. I dont have a windows system I have a mac with mountain lion installed, will I brick my phone if I choose to root with this instructions mentioned on this post…? Try flashing again in Heimdall, as soon as done flashing, hold down Volume Up and Center Home button for 10 seconds, you will be in ClockworkMod Recovery.

Does this root method work with the sprint version? What does that exactly mean? Is there a newer version of the phone that has been released since these instructions that will not root through them? In the terminal stage. I copied and pasted 1st line and then asked me for my password but when i type nothing comes up. I just pressed enter and it says sorry, try again. Plz help. I have tried to do the recommended maneuver pull out the battery in odin mode without success.

Cuz this is the only tutorial on how to root using a mac. I only see a reference to i I have rooted an Atrix2 with success, so I understand the details are very important. I would like to know if I could do the same thing with dr S3, the same simple terminal commands. Thanks for the article. I had to do this as well.

Also, it was tough getting my fat fingers OFF the buttons, as it restarted from ClockworkMod right away. If you hold it too tight or loose or who knows what… it picks restart before you have a chance to select the CWM SuperUser…. Try reflashing using heimdall then immediately as soon as it finishes, hold down Volume Up and Center Home together for 10 secs. Frist of all, thank you very much for this tuto. I have read somewhere that there is a problem with the release : should be the 2 and I have the 3.

But I have not understood what it is and how I have to change that. Thank you very much in advance Raphael. How can you root the GS3 I using Mac?? There has to be a code or something to taylor to this model in specific. How can a phone do soooo much yet screw the simple stuff. Initialising connection… Detecting device… Claiming interface… Setting up interface…. All help is greatly appreciated. To be honest, if everyone is having problems using this method to root the Galaxy S3 and we are doing everything step by step as he instructed, it must no be us doing the wrong steps.

Kind of a noobish question- just got my Galaxy S3 today Evo 4g finally died. I had my Evo rooted and tried several ROMs and liked it all-. I have not rooted my S3 yet. Is there a chance that the OTA update when ever it comes out to Jelly Bean will make my phone un rootable? Just try slowly again and read everything on FAQ at the bottom of the instructions on this page, you will get it.

This video was shot back in June, now its October. It worked so far. Is that common? Currently using CM Using the international version of SGS3. Went thru all the instructions on my macbook pro running mountain lion. Android Transfer did not work, copied the CWM file thru dropbox, onto the external sd of my device. Got stuck 10 times at the step number 11 as it would always end up in android recovery mode and not cwm mode.

Tried flashing again times, but heimdall refused to recognise the device. The flashing worked and the device did not go into auto reboot once the flashing finished. Then pressed volume up, power and home buttones for 10 secs and i was in cwm mode finally —- phew Then followed steps 12 and onwards…. But, whenever i try to get into CWM mode, it automatically takes me to the stock recovery mode only…dont know why it does this even though my phone is now rooted.

I had the same issue. You just have to re-flash it again and take the battery out when the Samsung Galaxy logo comes on when it reboots. It should work and its works for me now because I am using Cyanogenmod Hi MAX…. Im Using MacBook Pro Need help. I uninstalled kies…. I tried different computers… and I keep getting an interface error… what should I do? Hi Max.. Do you have i??? Hi, Im Harry from Germany and my English is not so well. Do you have an Update? Hope so. Ending session… Rebooting device…. Thank you for the great post, I did everything as you posted up until file transfer app, which didnt work for me so i used airdroid and put the CWM file in my sd card under applications folder.

I pressed volume up home and start buttons as directed but had the android with a cube in the belly came out. I read what this question below but it didnt help me either for i dont know anything about ODIN, I believe that can only work with windows and i have mac, i do not know how to fix it. Could you please help me? I can only enter download mode and cannot even access recovery mode even though I had CWM installed. Copying and redistribution is encouraged. Initialising connection… Detecting device… Claiming interface… Setting up interface… Checking if protocol is initialised… Protocol is not initialised.

PIT upload failed! I was having the same problem. I found that I had to do it immediately after the flash i. It took me a few goes but I got there in the end. Thanks for your feedback though. I was getting similar errors with Heimdal to those mentioned above. I closed Heimdal, rebooted phone, then put into download mode again. Re-opened Heimdal, went to utilities, clicked detect, once detected, went back to flash, put all of the files in, ticked no reboot, then flashed.

Holding UP was the key. Then I followed the rest of the instructions. I found some advice about not being able to get CWM after the root is complete in the comments of another post. When I had made my backup and clicked reboot, it asked me if I wanted to disable the stock recovery mode, I said yes.

Just with several clicks, this brilliant software helps you make a backup or recover Android contacts, photos, messages, and more. For Android 2. For Android 4. Choose "Build number" for several times until the message of "You are under developer mode" shows. You will enter the window where you need to choose file types to back up, including contacts, messages, call logs, pictures, videos, audios, documents, etc.

Tick what you need and hit "Next" button. Within moments, the scanning process will be done. You are able to preview the files before backup. Tick the file you want. When the selection is done, click the button of "Recover" and choose a final destination folder. Within seconds, you will find Android files you choose will be saved on your computer. In this part, we mainly focus on Samsung bootloader unlock. You should think it over when you go for unlocking your Samsung bootloader as bootload unlock has its advantages and disadvantages.

In case you lose your Android data, you can free try FoneLab for Android for recovery. Wish this article can help you. How to unlock Android phone? This tutorial can help you bypass forgotten Android password, PIN or lock screen pattern. What is Nexus Root Toolkit? This article is going to show you how to root Nexus with Nexus Root Toolkit.

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This article lists top best file manager for Android to help you better manage Android files on Windows PC, Mac or app. What is bootloader? How to unlock the bootloader on a Samsung Galaxy phone? Learn from this article about Samsung bootloader unlock. Check best iPhone apps of by popular categories music, photo, video, social networking, etc. Home About Privacy Tutorial. Android Data Recovery. Unlock Android Phone 1. Part 1. Check Samsung bootloader Part 2.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bootloader Part 3.

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