Microsoft word mac drop cap

Create nested styles
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Creating drop caps

Your username will be emailed to the email address on file. Forum Get forum support. You are guest Sign Up? Log In. Loading comment The comment will be refreshed after Modifying table structure 5m 34s. Using table styles 2m 49s. Converting between tab and cell tables 2m 33s. Using Borders and Shading.

How to Drop Cap in Microsoft Word and ?

Adding borders to text and paragraphs 5m 38s. Adding borders to table cells 3m 47s. Setting page borders 4m 13s. Applying shading 4m 34s. Working with Multimedia Elements. Using the Media Browser to insert media 3m 24s. Inserting media from a file 2m 36s. Formatting images 4m 30s. Wrapping text around an image 2m 27s. Inserting and formatting a text box 3m 59s. Using Automatic Text Features. Using AutoText and AutoComplete 3m 51s.

Working with Outlines. Building an outline 4m 26s.

Rearranging outline components 3m 39s. Viewing outlines 4m 9s. Numbering outline headings 5m 14s. Using Word's Writing Tools. Checking spelling and grammar 8m 19s. Using reference tools 4m 30s. Inserting footnotes and endnotes 6m 27s. Using the Word Count feature 2m 49s. Compiling a table of contents 4m 44s. Working with Other Users in Word. Adding comments 2m 46s.

Add a Drop Cap in Word: Overview

Tracking changes 7m 45s. Merging and comparing documents 4m 28s. Sharing documents with others 2m 45s. Creating Letters, Envelopes, and Labels. Using letter templates 8m 5s. Creating envelopes 6m 22s. Creating labels 4m 26s.

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Controlling Privacy and Security. Setting Document Security options 9m.

Using Privacy options 3m 36s. Printing Documents. Setting Page Setup Options 4m 12s. Previewing a document 2m 13s. Printing to a printer 4m 11s. Printing to PDF 3m 55s. Using Macros. Using Word's Macro Recorder 9m 18s.

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Understanding macro security 1m 51s. Customizing Word. Customizing toolbars and menus 6m. Customizing Word's shortcut keys 3m 38s. Customizing the Ribbon 2m 50s.

Creating a Drop Cap

Goodbye 42s. Mark as unwatched Mark all as unwatched Are you sure you want to mark all the videos in this course as unwatched? Mark all as unwatched Cancel. Pages designers are free to make their own choices. User profile for user: PeterBreis PeterBreis If you really want them, there are ways and means as has been pointed out. If anything, if they are not easy to do, it may reduce their usage by the uninitiated.

What would be more useful and better typography would be to have auto-character style to the first clause, sentence or set number of characters. Sep 30, AM in response to fruhulda In response to fruhulda Here is an image! Sep 30, AM in response to fruhulda In response to fruhulda Thanks to all the replies. Maybe my defining a drop cap as a "basic function" was a little broad. However, it has been a mainstay in most word processors since the early 's.

I also agree that a drop cap can be way over-used. When writers begin each paragraph with a drop cap, that is too much. Yet, it is still common practice to begin the article with a drop cap, even in most magazines, periodicals, etc. Thanks for all of your input.

I was wondering of there was a simpler way, rather than the insertion of a text box. Yes, a drop cap, or a style selection would be a nice feature to add in future versions. Who knows someone might read it! Sep 30, AM in response to PastorWynn In response to PastorWynn I just had a play with some text, and was able to set up a combination of character style using sizing and baseline shift, tabs and paragraph formatting that would let you get a very neat version of a drop cap and keep your initial character editable.

microsoft word mac drop cap Microsoft word mac drop cap
microsoft word mac drop cap Microsoft word mac drop cap
microsoft word mac drop cap Microsoft word mac drop cap
microsoft word mac drop cap Microsoft word mac drop cap
microsoft word mac drop cap Microsoft word mac drop cap
microsoft word mac drop cap Microsoft word mac drop cap

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