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AC Unknown , 30 Apr am. Ad-homs again, Blue? Go on and leave. I bet no one would miss you and your ranting. Rich , 30 Apr am. I picture you in a shabby apartment, living on your MPAA stipends, eagerly hitting "Reload" waiting for a article to post drivel to. All the while, drooling on your self and cackling like the crazy cat-lady. Ha, that's a good one.

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Its the public that doesn't respect copyright laws. Who benefits when copyright lengths are extended decade after decade. Law enforcement become private contractors for entertainers. And you accuse Techdirt of undermining respect for copyright law? How many people write comments as ootb? One minute you rail against big industry corrupting the govt then with your next breath you fall to you knees to assuage the blasphemy you aimed their way. Ruben , 30 Apr am. There you go again. There is no basis for copyright in common law. Stop spreading this blatant lie. RD , 30 Apr am. Companies are still making money.

In some cases, obscene money. Not one single industry is anywhere NEAR to bankruptcy. It's a pipe dream from the ShillTards who can't make it ie. No Duh! Varsil , 30 Apr am. If I were, I'd probably put out a new fix--where you get an initial panic about piracy from the execs, and then it turns out that the free advertising is boosting sales. They have a right nerve claiming loss of earning on a game they apparently developed for over a year that is an almost identical, and inferior, remake of Game Dev Story by Kairosoft.

Rather than get angry about the very real problem of piracy and hold these people up as champions of the downtrodden indie developer why not call them the thieves that they are. They stole a game, remade it and then claimed it was their own work.

Prince of Persia

I honestly don't know and don't care which one came first. So fucking what? I've taken the time to look at screenshots of both games and while they look similar, that's because it's what they are. They're simulators of you running a game developer. Besides, they're not quite the same game. The very different user interface on a portable OS would necessitate one game being very different to the other. Call of Duty and Battlefield may look similar but play entirely differently. This on the other hand is a blatant ripoff of Game Dev Story which actually released for the PC back in '97, so your other argument kind of shows your utter disregard for the facts.

There are similarities that arise due to genre conventions, and there are similarities that arise due to being a blatant ripoff. This is the latter. I mean they didn't even bother changing the name of the pseudo-statistics used to build your game. Are you sure you and I are thinking of the same "Game Dev Story"? Hang on, turns out that that one's a remake of the one you mention.

Even so, your accusation that Tycoon is a ripoff is a bit hard to believe. For one, if Tycoon is ripping off Story, then by default it would have to be ripping off the game Besides, how can Tycoon be a counterfeit modern Story? Story hasn't been released on desktop environments since as you admit. That's a market that the Story developers haven't decided to sell to which they very easily could have done in the three years since their game's re-release. I didn't say it was a counterfeit, I said it was a ripoff.

They just copied the entire game and repackaged it as their own. This isn't illegal, obviously, it's just scummy. THCW , 7 Sep am. The reason that these games are similar IS due to genre conventions. They are both game development simulators. Meaning that in both of them, you build up your own game development company. Meaning that in both of them, you make your own games. And there is no reason for Greenheart Games to have not called Graphics, 'Graphics', etc.

That'd be stupid. They did? Where's your evidence? How did they get the code for the game they stole? Industrial espionage? Making a knock-off of an existing game isn't theft at all. It's making a knock-off. If they coded it themselves, then it was their own work. That it replicated a different game doesn't enter into it. Funnier by the fact they are complaining that others are ripping them off too LoL.

JarHead profile , 30 Apr pm. I'm not familiar with those 2 games. But if your argument is because someone coded a game themselves then it's not a ripoff, well, I must disagree. What makes a game ultimately is not the codes, but the game design. Coding is a largely mechanical part of game dev, but most creativity is in the game design.

As long as people perceive 2 games have their design alike, they will call it one ripoff another, and I tend to agree though I don't care about it too much. I'm extremely disappointed by this article. For those of us who did any background research, there have been two things apparent about this story from the start: -This game is an utter ripoff of Game Dev Story by Kairosoft.

Not "a similar game", I mean they took Game Dev Story and made the graphics uglier, removed much of the humor and charm, and then charged three times as much for it. It's not even like releasing a 'pirated' version with adverse effects is a remotely new idea, either - sure, in this case it's ironic because the problem the pirates encounter is piracy itself, but that's just the story they needed to get a bunch of free advertisement from the blogosphere.

It's only disappointing really because generally this blog tends to dig a bit deeper than average and ferret out things like "this blatantly clones an existing game" that have been overlooked thus far. I was really hoping for more. Yes, games rip each other off all the time, and no one fucking cares. There are hundreds of JRPG games that use the exact same game mechanics and even textures especially if they're made in RPG Maker and no-one gives a crap about that. I've played both Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy VI, and they're both similar games: top down perspective, small useable party, stat-based attributes, collectible equipment, exploreable world map, etc.

And yes, I know both were made by Square. That "whooshing" noise you hear is the point flying right above your head. I'll even be generous here and assume you meant Chrono Trigger, since Cross is not actually top-down and came out years later - but Chrono Trigger and FFVI, while sharing many similarities and indeed much of their core engine still told different stories with different characters and different themes.

Game Dev Tycoon

This is more like if someone redid Chrono Trigger with bad Flash graphics, changed the main character's name to Krono, and re-released it as "Krono Trigger" with everything else in the game kept exactly the same with a ridiculous hamfisted message about stealing thrown in for good measure. It wouldn't necessarily be illegal, but it would be scummy. Again: if you are too stubborn or possibly too stupid to recognize the difference between similarities due to genre conventions and similarities due to blatant copying of the entire game, then you're just not worth discussing this with at all.

That's not what's being discussed here at all, and you look increasingly dense for continuing to argue that it is. Discussing the similarities between games is not a relevant subject for Techdirt Not to say the subject isn't important, but if you're looking for that kind of a discussion there's plenty of gaming blogs out there. I'm sorry, but Discussing one game completely copying another while simultaneously chiding users for copying it is relevant to both the article at hand AND the general theme of articles here at TechDirt.

It's not like I'm sitting here giving an IGN-style review or anything, I'm drawing attention to a point that was completely ignored in the article while being absolutely pertinent to the issues being brought up. And maybe I missed the memo, but who made you the comment police to begin with? Okay I'll admit to getting Trigger and Cross mixed up.

My mistake. I'm just wondering why you're getting so worked up about one game copying another. If true Ignore the rip-off. Don't let it affect you. Don't buy it, don't play it. Just play the original. Does the fact Old Republic exists somehow harm Warcraft? I would highly doubt it. In fact, Republic copying Warcraft harmed Republic far more than it did Warcraft, since I, and many others, started Republic, saw the similarities and said "Heck no.

I've been here already". I am trying to ignore it, that's the point I'm trying to make with my first post. That's what bugs me. WoW is not a clone on this level by any stretch of the imagination: it has its own plots, its own locations, its own powers If they had just taken vanilla WoW and thrown some Jedi skins over it, that's what is happening here and incidentally would make a much better game than SW:TOR I think the only real reason why those games feel "copied" is that they came from the same developer house or genera.

Anyone who has ever played the board game version of Dungeons and Dragons will tell you that leveling up and having certain amounts of strength One has to look at the battle system and how you get basic access to use your powers. Admittedly though, Chrono looks a lot like Randi from Secret of Mana. Needless to say, griping about similarities in RPG's is a bit bothersome unless it is a blatant rip off shovel-ware title from some other company gleaming off the popularity of a genera Wizard is an example of the latter. I don't know if you're still a pirate or not -- that depends on your overall behavior.

But I think it's pretty clear that if you are using a version that the makers released intentionally for you to download and use, then you have not engaged in piracy in that instance. John Fenderson profile , 1 May am. Shareware never went away, people just stopped calling it that. But, really, this is more like demoware -- the "pirate" version is effectively nothing more or less than a demo of the game, with a clever embedded joke.

Could be a very subtle way of gaining notoriety Point of history here, this distribution method is almost exactly like some of the shareware used on 68K Macintosh games Some games cleared the registry number if you copied them to a floppy disk and then it got distribution that way But it did get the game advertised cheaply in the days when most computer users did not have internet. CK20XX , 30 Apr pm. Not only that, but because Greenheart Games has chosen such a unique way to combat piracy, they're probably unwittingly encouraging people to pirate the game just to witness that uniqueness.

Brentalfloss once did something similar. He released a pirated version of an album called "Bits of Me" onto bittorrent, and it scolded users who downloaded it. People loved it so much that they asked if they could buy it, so he put it up for sale on Bandcamp. Duke profile , 30 Apr pm. Maybe I've spent too much time among lawyers, but I can see it being arguable down to the precise definition of "authorisation" used, the existence of implied licences, whether knowledge is important. It should pretty much scupper any claim for damages, though, unless there were some sort of statutory level for them - but only a crazy country would have something like that Togashi profile , 30 Apr pm.

I was thinking exactly the same thing. Initially we thought about telling them their copy is an illegal copy How can it be an illegal copy if the copyright holder itself is making it available for free download? I would think that would at the very least be an implied license for it. Also, I wonder if their piracy and sales rates would have been different had they not released their "cracked" version of it.

The majority of the responses that I've heard are that it's a slightly worse version of a game that's already available for free. Could be that nobody would have bothered to crack it, leading to a much lower piracy rate. Even then, would more people have bought it? Rabbit80 profile , 30 Apr pm. I apologise if somebody else has already suggested this as I haven't read all the comments Turn some of the players into paying customers instead of pissing them off!

Chuffed , 7 Sep am. Well, to be fair, this game was all over the media when it first came out due to this. A simple search of the game's name on Google which the owners of pirated copies are sure to do in a vain attempt to find a solution will come up with dozens of articles about this anti-piracy method, and that will let them know what is happening. See, its perfectly fine to rip-off other people if you call yourself a 'hard working game developer' like Greenheart did with this shoddy knock-off, but if the poor peasants do it then its STEALING!

Like you stealing the complaints of numerous other AC trolls? Dirty rotten hypocrite. Anonymous Coward , 1 May am. Alana profile , 30 Apr pm. Oh man.

Game Dev Tycoon Trainer

These guys? They have the gall to complain about piracy when they stole the game idea from an already completed game, Game Dev Story, by Kairosoft? This is hillarious.

They stole an idea? How does that work? Remember, Inception was just a movie Coyote , 2 May pm. Pretty blatantly copied the idea, actually, just with updated graphics and more facebooky goodness. Look up some of the screens of Game Dev Story, and the resemblence is unfortunately canny in many areas. Could barely be arsed to even change the art style -- they just made it more like facebook with higher res graphics and charged 8 bucks for it.

Marcel de Jong profile , 6 May am. Still isn't the same as stealing. That's what I was getting at. But yeah, they did pretty much copy the game. Anonymous Cowherd , 1 May am. This can be seen as a successful troll, even funny if you're into such things. But as far as "holding a mirror in front of them" goes, these developers failed to look into it themselves first.

If they had, perhaps they would've realised that their business model -- like the business model they force upon the players in their game -- is based on releasing something and hoping players choose to pay for it just because. In a video game, they get to play god and make the virtual population behave the way they want. To buy games or pirate them, because they're programmed that way. In reality, people need reasons to do things. They won't pay you just because you want them to. You have to give them a reason to buy.

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Uriel profile , 1 May am. My thought was that they were soapboxing, and the first impression I received about the "unauthorized" version I equate compare it to the "pirate" version of No Time To Explain , except the feature is killer in-game software pirates rather than piratey re-skins.

How To Add MODS To GameDev Tycoon On MAC

But what gets to me is their message is "you're evil if you play our game I won't play your game. I won't get interested. Disinterested, I won't consider buying the unsabotaged version. I probably won't consider future versions, since Greenheart was that company who did that thing. Much the way I don't trust Origin since at least earlier versions would scan your directory and file structure and send it back to EA for scrutiny.

Next time maybe Greenheart will do a bit of research about how sharing works, and how that can be used to facilitate monetization and include realistic piracy rather than simply preach an absolutist message. Free to play with an in game cosmetic only item mall. I've spent a good deal on POE because I love it! It's what I've been looking for after D2 and the fact that it's being constantly updated only makes it better. They even allow players to create custom items for the game with them if they spend enough.

A couple new items "player made" just came out not too long ago. It was a rough start with the servers yes but for an indie company they dealt with it pretty fast. Now back to their game. I would not even pirate a copy of their shitty game let alone buy it. If someone decides to actually crack this it will not be because the game is good, it will be because they asked for it.

I wouldn't even bother with it if it were up to me. Actually I wouldn't even allow a cracked version of this garbage to be released. When I first read about this, I thought it was cute, and went on with my day. After thinking about it, though, It occurred to me that this was both a wasted opportunity and a terrible game design idea. As a terrible game design idea, you have something that claims to be a simulation, attempting to emulate the realities of the simulated thing.

To introduce the concept of massive piracy that makes turning a profit nearly impossible is questionable. To provide no recourse freemium models, subscription services, DRM investment breaks the simulation pretty horribly and gives the impression that this is a shallow polemic agianst a straw man.

For comparison, imagine if Simcity had Keanu Reeves come to your city and start blowing stuff up if you used a coal plant. Police, national guard, etc. If you bulldoze your coal plants and replace them with solar power, he goes away. From a gameplay perspective, it's workable but pretty boneheaded ; from a simulation perspective, it's completely divorced from reality. As for a wasted opportunity, it's a little simpler.

You may as well argue that the "legitimate" version is a paid DLC for DRM, seeing at it I imagine completely eliminates the piracy issue. The game starts spawning a crap ton of enemies, increasing the normal combat encounter rate to the point where you have to stop every couple of steps on a screen in order to fight. The mobs you fight can also be randomly pulled from other sections of the game. Talk about incomprehensible attacks. It's almost as if the developer makes pirates pay in hours instead of money for the right to play its creation. Still, if said pirate wades through the unending sea of enemies to the end and gets ready to face Gygas, the game will stop, flip the player the virtual bird and delete the save file entirely, forcing them to restart from the beginning.

In Electronic Arts released its parkour action platformer Mirror's Edge. Hidden within the game files is a particularly fiendish way to combat game thieves. In Mirror's Edge you play as Faith, a Runner who navigates a future utopia by sliding, running, and jumping along the cityscape. Speed is an overriding theme in Faith's life, and is essential in her job as a glorified bike messenger, as she needs momentum in order to make those epic rooftop jumps.

But when that speed is taken from you, the game becomes basically unplayable, as pirates soon found out. In torrented copies Faith slows down to a walk before jump ramps. While the ability to side jump isn't limited for pirated versions of the game, this sort of movement just doesn't have the power to cross the rooftops in a way that allows, say, survival. What's a Runner who cant run?

Sidewalk decoration, that's what. When Crysis Warhead, the standalone expansion to Crysis came out, only gamers with the beefiest of gaming rigs were able to even load the game. So the fact that anyone who could afford a top end gaming PC would then turn around and skimp on buying a game makes about as much sense as shooting chickens at your enemies instead of bullets. Which is exactly what happens in the pirated version of the game. If game pirates download their copies of Warhead illegally, they will find themselves hampered by poultry ammunition as soon as they start level two. Not only will any gun they use shoot chickens instead of bullets, the chickens come with natural bird-like physics and behaviour, meaning that they will bounce off enemies and run around frazzled and irritated.

Pirates can't kill enemies and they can't progress in the game, but they are able to make a mean omelette. The Dark Knight, protector of innocents, the Caped Crusader - whatever you call him, Batman glides through the prison that is Arkham Asylum, dropping down on his enemies with no warning. That is, unless you've pirated the game, in which case Bruce Wayne can't be bothered to open his cape to glide. He flaps like a gimpy pigeon and drops you unceremoniously onto your face. Pirated versions of the game are also subject to several nasty grappling hook glitches, where the reticule either shows up in the wrong place or doesn't show up at all.

Sure you might be able to swing from gargoyle to gargoyle, but you might also swing through the boundary and into an eternity of nothingness. Maybe this is Batman's way of telling game thieves they need to grapple with the emptiness within their own moral code. While some developers do their best to make game pirates miserable, the maker of Alan Wake has taken a different approach.

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The folks over at Remedy have openly admitted that game piracy is a problem that isn't going away, so they decided to embrace it. Instead of tossing in game breaking glitches, Remedy added a simple fashion accessory that speaks volumes to those that don't buy the PC version of Alan Wake: a pirates eyepatch. If you play the pirated version, its titular character will sport himself an eyepatch, and his cohort Barry Wheeler will wear two, one over each eye.

Does this keep you from enjoying the game? Far from it. Remedy welcomes pirates of its games. The developer takes a bold step by letting the pirates know it's aware of their, ahem, illegal activities, and hopes they'll enjoy the story so much they'll buy legit copies of other Remedy games. Most likely this just makes people want to pirate the game more though, since Alan looks pretty badass with a skull-and-crossbones over his eye. Yarr indeed. Everyone knows Dark Souls is hardcore. However, for pirates, the game is positively demonic.

This is because pirated versions are infested with max level mobs called Black Phantoms, so powerful they boast level 99 abilities and an unfathomable amount of hit points. Imagine coming up against that with a level one character as you're just learning how to swing a sword.

When the sequel was released, pirates of Dark Souls 2 also received a nasty surprise. They are visited by Screamers, eerie projections that blast your eardrums with blood curdling shrieks. This happens randomly, in menus, in the character select screen, and elsewhere in the game's levels, making it harrowing and even more stressful to play - as if it wasn't bad enough already. It's as if pirates are haunted by the crushed souls of the game developers who are crying out for justice or, in this case, a legitimate purchase of their game.

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