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Fast and intuitive: Microsoft Remote Desktop's basic tools allow you to access your remote Windows desktop and open common programs, sort through files, and manipulate your machine from a Mac over an Internet connection. This is an invaluable tool. Clean user interface: The interface is decidedly Mac-friendly, offering a range of tools that can quick-start popular Windows programs or folders that you use frequently on your PC.

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Whether you're booting up Remote Desktop quickly to access your machine or you're using it for long work sessions, the layout of the tools is effective. Limited display options: The display options can be limited at times, with dock and menu hide options not available in certain configurations. Multiscreen support sometimes causes issues when you switch back to single-screen use, which can be frustrating when you're managing multiple apps or switching between interfaces.

Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac is a useful free tool that allows you to access your Windows programs and files from a remote Mac. That alone is reason enough to download it, if you work on both systems and need to move files between them often. Remote Desktop is not as robust as other paid tools, but for infrequent transfers or very basic needs, it gets the job done. The veteran producer and brainchild behind the new Netflix kids' science series says that salvation OneNote is flexible and much liked. But if it doesn't work exactly like you want, you have plenty of Have been using this app for a few years.

Great for working remotely on a Windows machine using your Mac. Except for the latest update, which disabled alt key combinations, working remotely on my Mac is identical to working directly on my Windows machine with an Apple wireless keyboard. As noted in the "Pros," the latest update killed alt key combinations.

So, for example, one cannot use alt key combinations to navigate within a dialog box in Microsoft Word. As I use key combinations frequently, this is a huge annoyance. In MS Office applications one can access the ribbon commands using the alt key, but one must first press the alt key, let go, and then press the second key instead of pressing them both simultaneously. I would give it 5 stars but for the annoying alt key problem.

J.D. Hodges

Seems like a minor thing, but I use the alt key all the time. Reply to this review Read reply 1. Was this review helpful? After the first patch, it just kept on freezing after a while. The timing seems to be random but it always happens after I switch to other windows. It's really annoying! And the "Use all monitors" option is confusing when I use multiple screens. I don't want it but it's on by default. Switching back to full screen doesn't fit the whole screen. I get the annoying scroll bar on the right side of the RDP window.

I hope they downgrade it back to the previous version. It's infuriating when I lose connection or it freezes. The features are kinda simple but still, it feels like this wasn't tested thoroughly at all. It disconnects all the time. So it makes working remotely really frustrating. This product could do with an overhaul Works infrequently, disconnects and needs some kind of update to make it more stable. Pretty simple, does what it suppose to, feels like you'e really working on that pc machine remotely.

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Make sure to launch in full screen mode, had some issues working in other size window sessions. Hangs up - sometimes from the very start of the remote session and you have to disconnect and reconnect again. For me only works on my Mac Air in 32 bit mode - can't work it on 64 bit mode. I have tested to connect from a Windows computer and that works very well, but from my Mac it is horrible. Do you have any idea why this could be? You wrote something about some settings? I have disabled everything except the bitmap thing.

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Microsoft RDP has one big problem: The keyboard mapping is horrible. This to me makes Microsoft RDP almost unusable. You then have access to all keys. But of course typing on the on screen keyboard is much slower than typing on a physical keyboard!

RDP Client for Mac

I am having the same issue as Vegard. I do a lot of windows development via an RDP connection to a development server. I know it is not a network issue because I can have my windows laptop connected through the same network, to the same user, at the same time with NO lag at all. The graphs are displayed fine no faster or slower than MSTSC , but the typing lag is horrible to contend with.. Does it have something to do with the keyboard mapping? Hopefully someone will have a good solution for you soon! Thanks for the response. I was hoping someone out there had a solution, or at least a reason.

Here is a link to answers. However, no answers at this link yet:. For anyone else that might come across this, the connection is a plain RDP from my home to a development server. RDC — typing is slow. Hi Edwin, Thank you for your comment. I have to deal with RDP ing to a lot of servers on a regular basis, got a pretty robust backbone connection so latency was never an issue but the client crashes like every other time I use it and to somer servers, it wont event log me in, through other machines, it works just fine.

And I cannot remember the last time I could graciously close the application on my mac, I have to force quit the application every time. Started using CoRD for a couple days and my life is so much better already. I have an update on my mac RDP experience, but no solution. I gleefully installed the virtual, and fired it up. The virtual itself behaves very well — very responsive. I started mstsc.

Apple Remote Desktop 3.5.3 Updated for Lion, Snow Leopard

At this point, I started to suspect something more fundamental — something is up with the mac os itself. After all, its not the client.

I went around the office asking other people using mac rdp. To my surprise, all of the describe the same experience. They all seemed to agree that the slow keyboard action was normal. I showed them the performance on a PC and they were surprised that the keyboard response time could actually be that good. To make sure its not just the mac hardware, I found a dual booted mac. Mac Lion and Windows 7. If I boot directly to Windows, the keyboard latency vanishes.

Several people have already remarked that I found my solution — just dual boot your lap top. I was willing to accept the virtual because I could run the virtual full screen in another desktop and just slide to it whenever I want — in other words, I would have the best of both worlds. Dual booting is quite different. BUT — one more wrinkle — I decided to use the mac to connect to another network I do development on. SonicWall has a mac client, but its not free. So I decided to install the free SW client on the Windows 7 virtual.

After installing the client, I RDP into the development server located in this network. To my surprise, the keyboard latency vanished! I get wonderful performance in this one special case. I really like the mac, but this is driving me nuts. There is definitely something going on with the Mac OS. I was able to get the instant keyboard feedback from the RDP session, on a mac by: Running a virtual that can use the actual mstsc. Hi DF, Thank you for the additional tips!

It is nice to have a solution for those of us that are familiar with VMWare. Yes, it does seem a little round about, but in reality, there are added benefits. VMWare, at least in my experience so far, handles the clipboard very well. If you run the virtual route, you can let mstsc marshal the clipboard data between the virtual and Windows server all formats supported , and then let VMWare deliver that clipboard down to the mac. Very nice — and now clipboards work! It works fine from any windows computer.

Any help?

Here are some articles that discuss this: From there it works great logging into a windows machine. It supports resize and colors, etc and is fast. I suspect that another option would be to have a virtual box running ubuntu on your Mac and use Remina. Hi jpc, Thank you for your comment. Thank you so much. I have a iMac 27 running Mac OS This just started occurring today as I have not have this issues in the past,and have been using this version of RDP for quiet sometime. Whenever audio support is enabled, the session hangs after a while and become non-responsive.

The software is plagued with a memory leak. It ends up using Gbytes of memory. Even though Cord does not show the same problems, trying to do some basic Office document editing is not working well at all leaving some specks all over the place. I am still looking for a better solution…. Please advise. I am having an unusual problem. I say unusual because I cannot find anyone else on the internet who is experiencing the same thing. I am using OSX The issue is that every minutes the connection ends, no warning, no nothing. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

Where to look for error logs? I would not even have known about the purported incompatibility, except that I was advising a friend how to get set up on his new Macbook Air, and while hunting for a link to the RDP client to send him, I happened to notice the statement from Microsoft. I have not experienced any sluggish behavior such as the keyboard lags reported by others.

MS Remote Desktop Connection ver & MAC OS X Lion ver crash quite frequently

The only trouble I have is that I will occasionally be unable to establish a connection, and only a reboot will restore normal function. I have used the 2. Now that I know about the official incompatibility statement, I may think twice about upgrading to Mountain Lion, and I hope that perhaps Microsoft will eventually provide an update pretty please!

In the meantime, may I suggest keeping track of: Connecting to a R2 server, the client has an issue with TS licensing. This version 2 does seem to be simplified from the Windows version and the version 8 I've seen in screenshots. At the moment with this connection we get a "Server cannot be verified" warning box pop up the first time someone logs in. Normally we have just been clicking past that until we get that worked out. I would still like to find a way to get the 8.

At work we don't have any Macs and I'm not crazy about borrowing someone else's computer to install software on it. We'll see if it comes to that.

Best RDP client for Mac OSX Lion

App Store should tell that the current version is not compatible and offer to download a previous compatible version. Or if you can borrow someones newer machine to "purchase" the app with your own Apple ID, you can then use purchase history to download the older version on the older Mac. For a small project here making an instruction manual for some very non-technical users to show them how to connect in remotely using Remote Desktop Connection, I wanted to do a small section for the Mac users with illustrations To continue this discussion, please ask a new question.

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