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QR Codes storing addresses, email addresses, and URLs may appear in magazines, on signs, buses, business cards, invoices or just about any object that a user might need information about.

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A user having a camera phone equipped with the correct reader software can scan the image of the QR Code causing the phone to show the programmed URL, insert a calendar event e. This act of linking from physical world objects is known as a hardlink or physical world hyperlinks. QR Code answers the need to print, transfer, and re-capture large amounts of data inexpensively, on the spot with one's cell phone camera. It can exchange complete data files such as text, numerics or binary and encode graphics, addresses, URLs, fingerprints, shipping manifests, instructions, medical information, and much more.

It is used to document and label assets, inventory, parts engineering data, and safety data. It provides a powerful communications capability - without the need to access an external database. For virtually no incremental cost, you can add a QRCode symbol to the documents and labels you are already printing. Think of QR Code as an independent database with complete freedom of movement, traveling together with a person or on an item, object, package, form, document, badge, card, or label.


It does what wired networks can't: Furthermore, if your scanner is a camera phone, it can immediately link a physical object to its online presence. Because QR Code is a machine-readable method of transporting data, it eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry. It functions as a paper-based computer memory that can be written once and read over and over again.

As a universal machine language, it communicates with all host operating systems. It's self-verifying, so data errors can be detected and data integrity maintained. Unlike some new technologies, QR Code doesn't require users to learn different procedures, or invest in new hardware and software.

A QR Code solution can be added with little change to current applications and it can make use of existing printers and other equipment. QR Code is compatible with all the same printers used to print 1-D bar codes, including laser, thermal direct, thermal transfer, ink jet and others.


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You can print on a wide variety of materials-paper, cards, labels, plastics, metals, cloth, and others. You can even fax QR Code symbols, and post them online. Portions adapted from Wikipedia article linked in the sidebar. Version Fixes a bug that made QR codes containing a large amount of text difficult or impossible to scan. Adds support functions for creating vCalendar, iCalendar, vCard and other active content. Discover New Mac Apps.

Mac Update.

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Sign in now Forgot password? Create new account. QRCode Follow This App Developer website: Clear Solutions Software. This is where our QREncoder comes on the stage. The movie makers could simply input the URL of the trailer and the application will generates the corresponding QR code. All that you have to do, while passing by the billboard, is point your camera at the checked black-and-white square and automatically be redirected to the video in seconds.

Actually QRs can be used for many purposes in many different and very interesting ways. The long list above makes our QR generator perfectly useable not only from the average person but also from firms and stores that want to designate and locate their goods. Putting such graphical links on labels, packages, boxes or shelves provides the clients with easily-scannable, prompt and adequate source of information about the product itself.

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Our code creator has one main advantage — it is a desktop application, which makes it independent from Internet connection. You can basically produce qualitative QRs at any place and time without being wired to the global web. The user-friendly interface and the profound support section make it extremely easy to operate with the program. For the moment there are two versions of the QREncoder — a free version and a Pro version. With the latest update 1. Another exclusive option of the QREncoder that is going to be available in the 1.

What makes it different from the standard QR:. This question bothers some of our users. Error correction is one of the most useful features of the QR encoding at all. Under certain circumstances your code may become unreadable — it may be dirty, partially damaged or simply the light while scanning may be insufficient. There are four error correction levels:.

The higher the level is the more of the lost codewords can be returned. You should remember only one thing — higher levels are connected with bigger amount of data and higher density of the square modules.

qr code software free for mac Qr code software free for mac
qr code software free for mac Qr code software free for mac
qr code software free for mac Qr code software free for mac
qr code software free for mac Qr code software free for mac
qr code software free for mac Qr code software free for mac
qr code software free for mac Qr code software free for mac
qr code software free for mac Qr code software free for mac
qr code software free for mac Qr code software free for mac

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