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No ads. No obligation. No credit card required. Includes a free trial of Premium with advanced ransomware protection and privacy protection.

Parental Website Filtering Allows parental control of the content children can view online. Mac Web Protection Leverages the vast SophosLabs blacklist database to prevent connections to compromised or dangerous sites.


Remote Management Secures multiple devices in any location from a simple web interface. Mac Ransomware Security Stops the latest ransomware from encrypting your files and drives. Expires after free day trial of Sophos Home Premium. Privacy Protection Blocks unwanted access to your webcam and microphone and stops apps from covertly sharing your personal information.

You can block individual trackers or an entire class of spyware to significantly speed up your browsing. You can set ClamXav to scan a specific file and folder or all your files.

The best free antivirus platforms for Mac in 12222

If the software identifies infected files, it guides you through your next steps. You can also set up a scanning schedule as well as have ClamXav monitor activity in the background. MacScan detects and removes spyware, lets you schedule scans, and makes whitelists and blacklists for browser cookies. Malwarebytes for Mac can remove spyware as well as adware and malware.

And it's free. The software won't scan automatically and requires you to initiate a scan.

These are the 6 best -- and free -- antivirus apps to help protect your MacBook

By Clifford Colby. May 30, Last updated on April 07, Apps in this Guide Ghostery for Mac. These laboratories test AV software against sets of known malware as well as products that are grouped as potentially unwanted applications like adware. Because the testing effectively looks at a combination of virus databases and behavior, they remain good gauges even after many months. When an antivirus software package lacks a rating from a known security research lab, we do more extensive testing with real malware. Finally, while we gave props for a lot of different features and behaviors, we marked products down if they lacked any or all of the following:.

First, an antivirus product may upload the complete text of files flagged to the cloud, where it can be analyzed by separate tools hosted there. This practice is normal and sensible: Some malware can detect when a running process may examine it, and will then engage in subterfuge. Antivirus software makers also can access their massive databases to examine files with characteristics that trigger their algorithms—certain elements that match known malware. As a result, security researchers discover new viruses, worms, Trojans horses, and the like.

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Where appropriate, we noted privacy policy issues in individual reviews. Second, this software may also rely partly or entirely on cloud-based checks of URLs, malware, and the like. Companies vary on their disclosure of such policies, and may not let you opt out of this kind of sharing.

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  6. We note issues in each review as available. In some cases, you can opt out of this information gathering. Sophos Home Premium has the most extensive and up-to-date approach to fighting malware at an unbeatable price.

    Avira Free Antivirus for Mac doesn't offer much in the way of features, but its antivirus protection is top notch. We'd argue it's the far better value than Avira Pro since there aren't a lot of extra features worth paying for compared to the free version.

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    Norton Security Deluxe is the most comprehensive security package we tested, but it lacks advanced monitoring of ransomware and complete Windows malware identification—the latter of which should be a given. Malwarebytes Premium is a no frills, anti-malware security program that is meant to be your full-time security suite. Its approach to detecting malware may not sit well with some, and its greatest strength continues to be finding and removing malicious code after it's been installed.

    This suite doesn't offer a lot in the way of extras, and we'd like to see its network monitor develop into the more robust feature available on Windows.

    Best Antivirus Software for PC | Premium and Free | Tested, Ranked | Top Ten Reviews

    Still, for the price you get a good amount of protection against key threats on macOS. Version 6. Its ransomware detection also has room to grow. Though McAfee Total Protection offers good protection, its subscription price and lack of ransomware monitoring allow competitors to surpass it.

    Intego's software has no fatal flaws, but because of its lower ratings by security labs, minimal ransomware protection, and lack of native browser plug-ins, we don't currently recommend it. Home Software Updated.

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