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How to open the command line.

All being well, Terminal will eventually prompt you to restart your machine manually so that the full installation procedure can complete. Note that the softwareupdate utility requires admin authentication for all commands except the -l or -list command. If you run softwareupdate as a normal admin user, you will be prompted for a password where required.

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As some users will no doubt be aware, there are several additional options that can be used in conjunction with the softwareupdate utility. More adventurous readers can use man softwareupdate and softwareupdate -h for a summary list of commands. Top Rated Comments View all. As a software engineer I'm always amazed that there are people who are so CLI-phobic. Neither does the terminal for that matter. They are both human user interfaces to communicate with the machine OS.

The difference is the CLI typically provides more options and is more concise in how you do things. Given the time and resources to create a GUI there are often compromises made to get the basic functionality without providing all of the options. Lots of money allowed Apple to create better than average GUI apps and interfaces. There is little magic in the Darwin OS itself.

Intro to the Mac OS X Command Line

I just stick with "sudo softwareupdate -ia" for all my updates these days. That has never caught me up in any errors, and always works. Apple has a pretty comprehensive set of commmand line tools that it seems like nobody ever talks about. But these days the Apple UI is getting so bad, that I have started using the command line more and more. I have to agree with the article, the App Store app sucks.

When it was just the software update app it seemed to work just fine. But the App Store app UI is usually out of sync with what is actually happening. If you are like me, when its time to install updates, I want them installed now, not sometime in the future when the App Store app feels like. Usually, I have made extra backups and cleaned everything up, before installing. After the update I check a number of things to make sure they are not hosed. Not any more.

Apple has, by its actions, lost my trust. Today I won't install any update until after its been out for weeks, if not longer.

Finding the Command Line

IMO Apple's main thrust these days is publicity, not performance and reliability and I am not willing to let their lack of ability effect my income. Unfortunately, I think this might get laughed at. Why's that?

They got to or stayed with Macs because of the terminal. It's hard to think of a good OS without one. How do we not update with a terminl command? Terrible point. That's why when Mac OS X first came out it was awesome compared to its contemporaries in the desktop computing market. Many a Linux geek I knew at the time went, "This is what Linux should be like! Guides Powerbeats Pro Apple's Beats brand in April unveiled the Powerbeats Pro, a redesigned wire-free version of its popular fitness-oriented Powerbeats earbuds.

AirPods Guide If you're new to AirPods, considering buying a pair, or just want to pick up some new tips. Best Camera Apps iPhone If you're looking to take your iPhone photography up a notch, make sure to check these out. See More Guides. Mac Pro Fall Apple Arcade Fall See Full Product Calendar. Apple today filed a lawsuit against Corellium, a mobile device virtualization company that supports iOS.

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Corellium describes itself as the "first and only platform" that offers iOS, Android, Apple is directly or indirectly responsible for creating a total of 2. Apple says that this is four times the number of American Apple today released the seventh beta of iOS 13, and an image hidden within the update suggest Apple is going to hold an event to show off new iPhones on Tuesday, September An iOS In an annual test comparing Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa on smartphones, Loup Ventures' Gene Munster found that Siri was able to correctly answer 83 percent of questions, beating Alexa but Go to the Options menu and choose About.

If that does not work try the Tools icon then click on Settings then About. Open a terminal program get to a command prompt and type uname -a or for lots of info on newer Solaris machines type showrev -a. Open a terminal program get to a command prompt and type oslevel -r or uname -a or lslpp -h bos. On the command line in enabled mode enable type show version. On the command line at an administrator privilege level type show version. For more Foundry commands look here. Follow the instructions above in the What's the version of my OS? The page with the version info usually has something that says if it is bit or bit.

Only Windows XP and later could possibly be bit. If you don't see something that says "bit" somewhere on the version page, it is likely you have a bit version of Windows. Also, more info here or here. Mac OS X All currently shipping Macs ship with OS X and a bit processor.

It's possible to boot at bit kernel. Read all about it here.


Open a command prompt and type uname -a. If you see i or i or i or i then your OS is bit. If you see amd64 then you are running a bit OS. If you see i your running a bit OS. Open a command prompt and type isainfo -v. This will show you if your OS is capable of running bit and bit applications. If that does not work you can try typing uname -a. This will show you the version of Solaris your using. All versions after 5. Sun's platforms transitioned to bit over a period of time, which makes identifying the platform for bit compliance tricky.

Open a command prompt and type getconf -a grep KERN. If that does not work try bootinfo -K. If you see mention of bit then the OS is bit capable. Black magic. Just kidding. When you visit a site with your web browser it sends a little nugget of information to that site called a "User Agent". The user agent has a few minor pieces of information about your browser, platform, and OS version.

Using this information a guess can be made about what Operating System your using. Why is it a guess?

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The user agent your browser sends to the website can be changed very easily. It's not to be trusted in any way, shape, or form as the truth, but most people generally use browsers who's user agents have not been changed. Why is it only generally? Sometimes the people that provide your internet access will modify this user agent so the website can not tell what your browser is or will set the user agent to a general browser type so the site will render the same for everyone.

How to find out Mac OS X operating system version information from Terminal command prompt

This is not the norm so don't fret to much. Most browsers do not put the version number of the OS in the user agent string but some do. Apple products are a good example. The browsers that put OS version information in the user agent string are usually the browsers come with the OS or are created compiled by the vendor. The vendors built-in browser will provide the most information to this site for it to render the most accurate guess.

For example Apple's built-in browser Safari provides the full version of the OS in the user agent string, but Firefox on the same Apple computer only provdes a portion of the version number.

Terminal (macOS) - Wikipedia

First, read the section called "How do you know what my OS is? Now that you know how we go about guessing your OS you might have an idea on why we can't. The most likely answer is that there might not be enough information in your user agent string to render a good guess or since the user agent is so easily changed yours could have been changed to something that is not normal or is so obscure that a guess could not even be rendered. It's a good chance it's nothing you did so don't worry.

Go through the "What's the version of my OS" section above and see if you notice anything mentioned there. It's likely you have an idea what OS your using your just not sure. Guessing an Operating System by just using a user agent is not as easy as it looks.

command line os version mac Command line os version mac
command line os version mac Command line os version mac
command line os version mac Command line os version mac
command line os version mac Command line os version mac
command line os version mac Command line os version mac

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